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Solo Stove is So Good! – Bonfire 2.0 Product Review

Solo Stove is So Good!!!

This video provides a brief review of the Lippert RV Tool Kit. Lippert sent this product to me to test and provide feedback. Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to this channel. Here is a brief summary of my personal opinion and feedback:

Do you love a good campfire? Do you love the smoke? If you answered “Yes” and “No” to the aforementioned questions, the Solo Stove might be a good option for you. By the way, this is not an advertisement for Solo Stove. We are not sponsored by or affiliated with Solo Stove. This is just our feedback and demonstration of how it has worked for us.

We have camped for years (well, maybe decades) and have always enjoyed the thousands of campfires we’ve started, sat around, cooked over, and just watched the mesmerizing flames. We’ve also had our share of “smoked out” situations, always trying to move our camp chairs to just the right position to avoid the incessant billowing smoke while still getting close enough to share in the warmth. Enter the Solo Stove.

We became a bit familiar with the Solo Stove concept while watching several fellow RVer’s on YouTube. The device seemed simple enough, but was still in it’s early stages when we were starting our with our adventures with our new tow vehicle and travel trailer, Fred and Ethel. We decided to give it a bit a of time and watch how things developed with the product. Well, the day finally came, not of our own doing, but through the thoughtfulness of our adult kids.

After three years of RVing with Fred and Ethel, our kids surprised us with a wonderful gift, the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0. However, we had to wait until our first camping excursion of this season to try it out. Let me just say, it lived up to its billing.

Set up was a cinch. We placed the tray and grate in the bottom, inserted the top ring, and placed the Solo Stove in a fire-safe place. We picked a location on our concrete camping area and began our first fire. Startup was a breeze. With plenty of small, dead twigs from around our campsite and a small piece of fire starter, we had the flame going in no time. We added three short logs to the fire, trying to select logs that did not extend beyond the the top of the Solo Stove. This is a key aspect to help get that “smoke free” campfire.

Once the logs got going, the re-circulation of the smoke began after a short bit, resulting in a virtually smoke-free campfire. The three logs lasted about an hour, plenty of time to generate lots of warmth, support a weiner-roast, and provide opportunity for s’mores. The removable ash tray in the bottom of the stove made for quick and easy clean-up (after things had fully burned and cooled).

Since the first burn, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to continue our use of the Solo Stove this season. With each use, we are glad we have it and have enjoyed many campfires without getting smoked-out or having all our clothes smell like smoke. The Solo Stove definitely has a place in our repertoire of camping accessories!

This video is for entertainment purposes only. The author and publisher makes no representation on the safety or the quality of the products used nor of the methods use and/or testing represented in this video. Your results may vary. Your RV may require additional or different items than those in this specific tool kit.

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