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KoolMore KM-EPR-30TDP-SS 30 in. Electric Professional Range with Tilt Panel and Digital Controls, Self-Cleaning, 16300W of Power, 240V in Stainless-Steel

Precision Control for Culinary Precision: Tilt Panel Digital Controls provide a seamless and intuitive command center, empowering you with precise control over your cooking environment. Elevate your culinary creations with the finesse of professional precision.

Spacious Interiors for Culinary Exploration: Boasting a generous 4.55 cubic feet of cooking space, the KoolMore range offers you the freedom to explore your culinary creativity. From intricate baking to ambitious roasting, unleash your imagination in a vast and versatile cooking canvas.

Certified Excellence for Peace of Mind: CSA certification stands as a testament to the KoolMore range’s commitment to the highest standards of safety and performance. Cook with confidence, knowing that excellence is not just a goal but a certified reality.

Versatile Temperature Range for Precision Cooking: Explore a versatile temperature range of 175℉ to 550℉, allowing you to achieve precise cooking results for every dish. From delicate simmering to intense searing, the KoolMore range adapts to your culinary aspirations.

Self-Clean + Steam Clean for Hassle-Free Maintenance: Simplify your post-cooking routine with the convenience of self-clean and steam clean features. Effortless maintenance ensures that your focus remains on creating delightful meals, not on extensive cleanup.

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