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Appliances You Should Definitely AVOID in 2023

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Join us for an updated look at the 12 appliances you should NOT buy for your kitchen! We’re discussing where we may have been wrong in our past videos and adding some new products to avoid.

Discover why downdraft cooktops, extra quiet dishwashers, and relabeled expensive brands are just a few examples of appliances that aren’t worth the investment. Learn about the latest in Smart technology and why it’s finally worth considering. Explore color trends, the Air Fry/Air Sous Vide cycles, and the pros and cons of the Family Hub. Don’t make a costly mistake in your kitchen renovation in 2023!


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0:00 Intro
0:38 Where I Was Wrong
1:16 Air Fry/Air Sous Vide
1:32 Samsung Bespoke
1:59 Samsung FamilyHub
2:19 Samsung Flex Duo
2:35 Black Stainless Steel
3:14 Extra Quiet Dishwashers
3:38 Extra Large Laundry
4:05 Relabeled Expensive Brands
4:36 Appliances You Won’t Use
4:49 Combo Washers and Dryers
5:25 Single Evaportator Refrigerators
6:20 Pro-Style Ranges
6:56 Banning Gas Ranges
7:41 Over-The-Range Microwaves
8:17 Downdrafts
8:54 Not Venting/Recirculating Hoods